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Pre Workout Meals for Women

A woman’s body is always going to need to have the right fuel if it’s going to operate at peak efficiency. If women want to build muscle, lose weight, and feel great, it’s quite possible that the key to their workout success doesn’t lie in the workout itself, but the fuel that makes the workout possible. In other words, diet is important when trying to build muscle or lose weight. If you don’t know what to eat before you hit the gym, don’t worry. This article will teach you all that you need to know.

As a general rule, protein is the best possible pick for women who want to lose weight and gain muscle. Protein burns slower than carbs, which means that you will get an initial energy boost after eating your pre-workout meal, and you won’t get the blood sugar crash that you may experience with the wrong kind of carbohydrates. Protein shakes that are made of whey protein are often used as a pre-workout energy boost since whey protein is very easily absorbed by the female body. If you dislike the idea of chugging a protein shake, you can also get the same protein boost by eating a hardboiled egg, or by noshing on some delicious beef jerky before a workout.

A good pre-workout meal will also include some form of complex carbohydrate, such as veggies, whole grains, or fruits. Complex carbs give you an instant boost of energy, and also lower the levels of cortisol (a fattening hormone) in your body after a long workout. Unlike simple carbs like sugar, which often cause a quick crash after they are halfway digested, complex carbs continue to provide energy for a prolonged period of time.

It is a good idea to choose a pre-workout meal that also has thermogenic qualities. Ingredients with thermogenic qualities raise a woman’s core body temperature, which in turn, burns more calories. This means that thermogenesis will give your workout the added boost that you need in order to make it a superbly effective way to lose weight. Diets that are high in thermogenics have been linked to higher rates of fat loss, too. Believe it or not, thermogenics are often naturally occurring in nature. Cinnamon, capsacin (the chemical that causes the burning sensation in spicy foods), nutmeg, and green tea all have thermogenic qualities.

That being said, there is a lot more you can do for your body than just having a pre-workout meal on days that you choose to hit the gym. Women’s bodies are complex, and often need supplements prior to a heavy workout. Though a regular pre-workout meal is the first step to a good workout, it’s best to add an extra supplement to your meal before you hit the gym. Many female athletes and body builders have mentioned that they have had excellent results with products that contain L-arginine, a safe, naturally-occurring compound that has been linked to muscle building and higher rates of fat burning after a workout.