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I love Chick Pump! I added Chick Pump to my workout plan about 6 weeks ago and I've been very pleased with the results. Chick Pump provides me with the energy I need to push my workout routine past my usual limit. My weight loss results have been amazing.

Amy Vegara

Love this product! First of all let me tell you I received this product super fast.  It taste Sooooo good. A smooth Apple taste, reminded me of a less sweeter version of apple cider. Very tasty and within a half hour of drinking it I started feeling the tingles and was ready to workout! Incredible energy and focus- had a great workout and felt like I pushed myself as hard as I could. Love this stuff and will definitely repurchase.

Christina Saltor

I love this pre-workout. I've tried several brands to test out the best one for me (i.e. Cellucor, ON Amino Energy, ON Pre-, and countless others). Tastes great. Doesn't give me jitters, creepy crawly skin, or a horrible crash. I began to feel energy after 20-30 minutes. I doubled my work out and still had energy left to spend. It improves endurance without making you feel jittery.   

Mary K